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About Us

As a team of scientists, field researchers, and beekeepers, naturally our #1 obsession is honey bee nutrition. What nutrients do bees need to stay healthy? What modern day obstacles do they face that nutrition can solve? And how can we create pollen patties that are sustainable in the long run?

The answer, we've learned, lies with the microalgae known as Spirulina. With its matching amino acid profile, high antioxidant capacity, and superior sustainability, it checked off all of our boxes. The USDA-ARS recently completed a study on Spirulina that states the findings better than we ever could:

"Research by ARS entomologists has shown that spirulina has a nutritional profile that closely resembles pollen. In addition to being rich in essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis, immune function, and colony growth in honey bees, spirulina also contains prebiotics that support the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Spirulina could provide a complete and sustainably-sourced supplemental diet to boost the robustness of managed honey bees."

How to use Healthy Bees Spirulina Patties

Our Healthy Bees Spirulina Pollen Patties are incredibly easy to use. The demonstration video above is a quick and helpful "DIY" by none other than our Head of Research, John Turpin.

Using our patties is very straightforward - simply place one 1lb Healthy Bees Spirulina Patty on top of the frames of the lower brood box. Use every two weeks (or as needed).

That's all there is to it!

What Beekeepers Are Saying

Philip P.

Trusted Beekeeper

"It works better than other products I've tried over the years. My mite counts are low, my bees show no sign of disease, and my brood counts have been heavy. This year's honey is twice more than we've ever pulled."